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Source finely packed Organic Cow Dung, Cow Dung Cake, Cow Urine, Fertilizers, etc., from us.

About Us

People often consider an unusual idea to be an awful one, but not all unusual business ideas are that bad. Many people across the globe are coming up with several unusual ideas and generally end up being successful. The emergence of Kisan Mail Express is also based on an unusual idea of supplying Cow Dung Cake, Organic Cow Dung, Fertilizers and Cow Urine. Produced by numerous cows at our dairy farm, the aforesaid product like dung is processed into compost and the urine is converted into bio-pesticide to attain a chemical-free form of agriculture fertilizer. We initiated this business as the trustworthy manufacturer of the aforementioned products as doing business of these products address the problem of cleaning issues of cow excreta and help us in making people use of the natural and renewable source of energy for getting rid of mosquitoes, use it as a bio-fuel, etc.

Why Cow Dung?

Cow dung is nothing, but indigestible plant material that is released in the form of excreta. Since cows feed only plants, therefore, cow dungs are 100% biodegradable and natural in their form. Being soft in texture, it tends to be deposited in the circular shape. The natural manure that we use in the agricultural field includes manure that is made using this cow dung. Some other benefits of using cow dung are cited as below:
  • Used as an efficient fuel, raw material for making paper and a strong building material.
  • Can also be used an insect repellent and disinfectant. 
  • Chips made using cow dung are used as a throw die in the cow pie bingo game.
Our Team

Having a team that strives to achieve all the targets on time is a blessing. And, we are blessed to have a team of dexterous team members who always support us in fulfilling our customers™ demands within stipulated time period. We consider our team as our backbone because our people work in coordination with each to attain the best results in the form of cow dung, cow urine, etc.  Our team members handle external and internal business affairs with great perfection to keep business flourishing. Our honest team members keep valued patrons informed about the delivery status of Organic Cow Dung, Liquid Insecticide, Cow Urine, etc.

EWS-72 Sector, 4 DDU Nagar, Raipur - 492010, Chhattisgarh, India
Mr Rohit Singh (Director)
Mobile :+919340687039, +919981641422

Mobile No : +919340687039